Not a lone-worker? You can still benefit from the alert-a-buddy™ system if you live alone or journey alone. Visit our personal site for more info.
alert@buddy is...

...the automated buddy system.
Making sure that your lone-workers are safe and sound.

...the low-cost option.
Starting at just £1.99 per user per month.

...the system that works on ALL mobile phone models.
So there is no need for any additional kit.

...the simple solution for everyone.
Easy to use, whether you prefer texting or calling.

Whether your organisation works in the housing sector, social care sector, charity sector, domiciliary care sector (or others), if you or your staff members are working on their own, you are potentially at risk.

Six in every ten lone-workers experiences some kind of aggression during the performance of their job. One in every ten experiences severe aggression: physical aggression, being threatened with a weapon, or being held somewhere against their will.

Over half of lone-workers experience aggression.

Employers have a legal responsibility (duty of care) to ensure that lone-workers do not face greater risk than any other employees. So it is vital to have a system in place to keep in touch with lone-workers, ensuring their safety throughout the working day.

The problem is that most organisations are simply too busy to do this manually; having lone-workers phone into the office, and the office phone out to those who forget to phone in. This sort of labour-intensive buddy system is inefficient in terms of the workload it creates, and is not always sufficiently robust to ensure the safety of all lone-workers.

Most organisations do not have time for a traditional, labour-intensive buddy system.
Alert-a-buddy™ is an automated buddy system which reduces workload and provides a robust safety net. Users check-in and check-out with our system, without ever alerting your own team, unless there is a potential emergency. For more details about how the system works, please click here.

Alert-a-buddy™ offers over 6 years of experience offering lone-worker alarms, with clients across all sectors, including:

  • Housing associations
  • Councils and other local authorities
  • National government organisations
  • Charities
  • Social care organisations
  • Private companies

Starting from just £1.99 per user per month, you can get alert-a-buddy™ in place without blowing your budget. In fact, if you consider the time that it can take for your organisation to run your own internal, manual buddy system, you will find that represents a significant saving. Take a look at our pricing plans here.

Ready to get started? You can set up a free, no-obligation trial here, so that you can see the system at work for yourself. In a rush? No problem! We can get you up and running with the system today.

You can be up and running on the system within hours.

Questions? Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help explain the system in more detail.

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